Tamara Henry: Vocals
Jeffrey Hamblin: Guitar, drums
Charles Cole: Bass

Previous Members:
Peter Z.O. – Percussion (1986-87)
Matthew Rabe – Drums (1986-87)
Shane Flanery – Bass (early 1983)

Black Tango is a Post-punk band from San Diego, formed in 1981 out of the ashes of earlier punk bands. They emerged on the scene with a dark, proto-goth sound, in the vein of the Banshees, Bauhaus, Joy Division, Gang of Four, X and others. Their songs are built on an obsession with percussion and rhythm, giving each piece a distinctive flavor. Though comprised of the genre’s usual guitar, bass and drums, there are hints of the music of North Africa and the Middle East. Singer Tamara Henry’s lyrics explore the brutal contradictions of our existence, delivered in a melodically understated manner. Guitarist Jeffrey Hamblin at times works subtle melodic textures, at others shards of harsh rhythms. Charles Cole’s bass drives along underneath, sometimes reinforcing, sometimes counterpointing the drums, on occasion stepping forward to lift a piece to a different level. Largely unheard outside of San Diego in their day, the re-issue of their recordings provides a view of those times through Black Tango’s window.

In late 2013 the members of the band were asked to play a show during The Casbah’s 25th Anniversary month in January 2014. Tamara, Jeff, and Chuck dusted off their old gear and relearned the best of their material. The show, on January 26, was not only well received, but rekindled the band. They are working on new material and plan to do more performances.