Maggots in the Icing

CoverMaggots in the Icing
1986, 2013
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Recorded Jan-Mar 1986, Normal Heights Studios, San Diego, CA.
Originally released on cassette, June 1986. (original cassette artwork)
Re-released April 2013.

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Track list:

      1. Freedom from Evil (4:28)
      2. Protection (4:23)
      3. Avalanche (4:16)
      4. Travel (3:15)
      5. Ritual (3:24)
      6. I Sin (2:25)
      7. Sequel (3:08)


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Lyrics are in closed captions

Travel (3:26)

Freedom from Evil (4:39)

Protection (4:30)

More full length tracks will be released in the coming weeks…